GSM Gateway

What is a GSM gateway?

A GSM Gateway or Fixed Cellular Terminal is a device which reduces costs when calling from a fixed telephone line to GSM network. In general, calling from the fixed network to a mobile network is more expensive than calling between mobile networks, but a GSM gateway allows you to save the difference.

Roughly Over half of the business landline calls spend is made up of landline to mobile calls. The percentage of telephone calls made to mobile phones is rising year on year as more and more people use their mobiles over landlines. Ease of use means this trend is set to continue Most of us now call a mobile number as a first attempt to get in touch with the person we want to speak with.

Reduce the cost of calling mobiles by 40% to 70% with no upfront cost.
A GSM gateway is a piece of equipment that turns an expensive call from an office landline to a mobile phone into a call from within the GSM network. Since calls from a fixed line to a mobile phone are generally expensive, resulting bills are high and costs only ever seem to increase. However, calls from within the GSM network are much cheaper – or even free – enabling you to save money.


  • 4 port GSM GATEWAY
  • 8 port GSM GATEWAY
  • 16 port GSM GATEWAY
  • 32 port GSM GATEWAY